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Programming Coding Guidelines

General guidelines

  • Use representative names for variables.
  • Use comments only when necessary, try to write readable code.
  • Separate logic blocks of code by adding extra newlines (like paragraphs).
  • Return as fast as you can.
  • Use continue to avoid unnecesary nesting (Linus Torvalds trick).

C# guidelines

  • Use PascalCase for class names.
  • Use PascalCase for public members.
  • Use _camelCase for private or internal members.
  • Use camelCase for params.
  • Write your code and comments in english.

Sample code

public class Foo 
    public string Name { get; set; }

    private int _counter;

    public bool SomeMethod(string name)
        if (name == Name)
            return true;
        // Do some advanced stuff with a meaningful comment
        // Note that code is separated by an extra line from upper condition.
        foreach (var character in name)
            if (character == 'X')

            // Do more stuff
        return ...;

More information

For more information see official C# coding conventions

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