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Deployments Azure json server

Before start

VSTS vs Kudu deployments


General steps: Create an App Service. Wait till it’s implemented, then go to the Deployment Center and configure your Repo with the Kudu path.

Azure Deployment Center

Kudu/SCM console portal: To access Kudu/SCM console portal navigate to For more information check this link


  1. Add “engines”: {“node”: “^10.14.1”} to the package.json (to see all available Node versions check Deployment Center logs after finishing all these steps). See sample JSON file

  2. Create a file named server.js on the project’s root folder with the following content:

     const jsonServer = require('json-server')
     const server = jsonServer.create()
     const router = jsonServer.router('db.json')
     const middlewares = jsonServer.defaults()
     server.listen(process.env.PORT, () => {
       console.log('JSON Server is running!')
  3. Your CI build is ready just Commit and Push your changes.

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