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Deployments using AppVeyor

  1. Create your nuget package:

  2. Open your AppVeyor account and link your repo to the CI.

  3. Go to the Configuration > Settings > General and configure your Project Version and enable .NET Core .csproj patching.

  4. Go to Build option (left menu) and enable Package NuGet projects. In case of issues compiling, under before build script you can add a CMD: nuget restore.

  5. Before continuing, you’ll need to create an API Key from Login into your account and click on your user profile (top-left menu), open API Keys and Create a new one.

  6. Back to AppVeyor, go to Configuration > Settings > Deployment and configure it as shown here:

    • Deployment provider: NuGet.


    • Deploy from branch: If needed select an specific branch to deploy.

  7. Go to Export YAML (Left menu) and copy that file into your repo root folder. Customize it if needed. For example, we provide versioning directly on the file: Vortex/appveyor.yml


  • LicenseUrl is deprecated for Nuget Packages:
    • Update your project properties (on Visual Studio left click on your project -> Properties -> Package) and select the file with your LICENSE.
    • More info

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