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Deployments NPM

NPM using Travis CI

  1. Open your Travis CI account and link your repo to the CI.

  2. Create a token from npm:{USERNAME}/tokens
  3. Locally on your repo folder, use the following commands to encrypt the token:
    gem install travis
    travis encrypt NPM_TOKEN="{PASTE_YOUR_TOKEN_HERE}" --add

    IMPORTANT! If you’re using (not .org), you’ll need to login before encrypting the token.

    In order to use gem you’ll need to install Ruby. This step will create a section env > global on your .travis.yml file (or even a completely new file if you didn’t have one).

  4. You’ll need to update .travis.yml to deploy into npm. For example:

      provider: npm
      email: ""
      api_key: $NPM_TOKEN

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