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Github Cloning a repo

Cloning a Github repo and start working on VS Code

  1. Create and accout on

  2. Download VS Code for free

  3. Download and install Github Desktop App.

  • Note: On Linux, maybe you wanna try to download it from here ( or you can use any git command line application (use this guide and you can avoid next steps from this guide).
  1. After finishing the installation, restart your machine (recommended).

  2. Login on

  3. Go to the repo url and click on Clone or download > Open in Desktop.

  4. Follow the instructions and you will have the repo cloned and ready to use on your local machine.

Clone Github

  1. By clicking on the left side just in your repository name, you will open a left navbar where you can do a right click on Repo name > Open in VSCode.

Github Desktop Hotkeys! Ctrl + Shift + A: Open in VS Code. Ctrl + Shift + F: Open folder in file explorer. You can see them (and more) on the top bar where it says Repository

Open VSCode

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