UE Content creation

Unreal Engine content creation guidelines.

Static Meshes


  • Create meshes using CamelCase.
  • Export the whole object as SM_CamelCaseName.
  • Name textures T_CamelCaseName_SUFFIX, replacing SUFFIX with:
    • _D: Diffuse/Color Map
    • _N: Normal Map
    • _E: Emissive Map
    • _M: Mask Map
    • _R: Roughness Map
    • _MT: Metallic Map
    • _S: Specular
    • _DP: Displacement
    • _AO: Ambient Occlusion
    • _H: Height Map
    • _F: Flow Map
  • More info: Naming Convention
  • Complete list: Here


  • Add a custom convex mesh with the name UCX_MeshName, where MeshName is the exact name of the mesh that will have a collision.
  • More info and advanced scenarios: Static Meshes Pipeline


  • Check Import Normals and Tangents for a properly display of Smooth Shaded Objects. UE4 will automatically show a warning when this setting is required but wasn’t selected or when the FBX was generated without the Tangent Space.

    UE import settings


Converting between formats (Any OS)

  • Use ImageMagick.

    # For Fedora Linux
    sudo dnf install ImageMagick

    Downloads for any other OS here

  • Convert all files in a folder to PNG:

    mogrify -format png *.*

Alternative converting TGA to PNG (Windows)

  • Use this CLI tool: tga2png
  • Open the TGA file, if it looks completely transparent, add a 1 as a final parameter otherwise do not use it. Example:
    • targa2png.exe transparent.tga transparent.png 1
    • targa2png.exe normal.tga normal.png
  • Use Picsor to compress the file(s).