Extend the lifetime of your SSD unit on Windows

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WindowsSSD-Script takes care of your SSD and protects it from daily usage

Fast and easily! Move your temporary files and applications from your main SSD disk to another HDD unit and extend its lifetime.

Supported tasks

  • Migrate Windows Update folder.
  • Migrate Brave Browser data.
  • Migrate Edge Chromium data.
  • Migrate Google Chrome data.
  • Migrate Firefox data.
  • Migrate Opera data.
  • Migrate Spotify data.

SSD administration made easy

  • Automatic tasks.
  • Check whenever your symlinks are working correctly.
  • Customizable tasks.
  • Completely free and Open source.



  • Tested on Windows 10
  • Proceed with caution on Windows 7/8.
  • Windows XP/Vista not supported
  • Collections may stop working on Edge Chromium. Save a backup of your collection links before using this tool.

Project Roadmap